Indo-Ducare Intellectuals: Journal of Education Science 2022-07-07T07:09:52+07:00 Rizal Kamsurya Open Journal Systems <p>Indo-Ducare Intellectuals: Journal of Education Science is a fully refereed (double-blind peer review) and an open-access online journal for academics, researchers, graduate students, early-career researchers and students, published by Lembaga Intelektual Muda (LIM) Maluku. IDI-JES is a periodical publication (two times a year, in January and July) with the primary objective to disseminate scientific articles in the fields of education. IDI-JES is indexed by Directory of Open Access Journals, Indonesian Scientific Journal Database, Google Scholar, and several others including Crossref, Sinta, Road, OneSearch, Garuda, PKP Index and WorldCat</p> Student Teams Achievement Type Cooperative Learning Model Division For Increase Results Learn Math On Student 2022-07-07T06:58:04+07:00 Ena Natalia Wassar Subhanudin Subhanudin A Rasul <p>This study aims to improve mathematics learning outcomes in Grade VII students of SMP N 10 &nbsp;Mimika with use method Problem based Learning (PBL). Study this is study class action, which was carried out in two cycles where the first cycle consisted of 4 meetings and II consists of 5 meetings the subjects in this study were grade VII students. A which amounts to 29 student. The variables in this study consisted of independent variables, namely the Problem Based Learning method (PBL) and the dependent variable is the result of learning mathematics, technical data collection using Data Analysis Techniques, namely analysis of observation results and analysis of test results. Based on research results could concluded that learning with method Problem based Learning (PBL) could increase results study on eye lesson mathematics on Theory arithmetic social, results before action was taken, namely in the pre-cycle only 8 students or 27.58% which is completed in cycle I increase Becomes 24 student or 82.75% which finished study mathematics and on cycle II increase again Becomes 29 student which finished study mathematics, research this said succeed because reach indicator performance that is 100% from whole student with KKM that is 60</p> 2022-07-07T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Ena Natalia Wassar, Subhanudin Subhanudin, A Rasul Efforts to Improve Mathematics Learning Outcomes on Fractional Material by Using a Jigsaw-Type Cooperative Learning Model 2022-07-07T07:09:52+07:00 Antonius Broto Wahyono A Rasul Densemina Y Wadaron <p>The low learning outcomes of students in mathematics subjects of fractional material for class VII of SMP Negeri Mapar Mimika, are behind this study. The research method used is Classroom Action Research with the Kemmis and Taggart models which have been implemented for two cycles. Each cycle consists of planning, action, observation and reflection. The subjects of this study were grade VII students of SMP Negeri Mapar Mimika. Data collection techniques consist of observation, observation, documentation, and learning outcomes tests. The research instrument consists of teacher activity sheets, student activity sheets and learning outcomes tests. The results showed that: 1) Efforts to improve student learning outcomes after using the jigsaw-type cooperative learning model in Cycle I obtained an average score of 64.3% with a percentage of 60%, when carried out in cycle II so that it experienced an average increase in grades of 71.3% with a percentage of success of 80%. 2) The jigsaw-type cooperative learning model runs optimally, as evidenced by the results of the first cycle of student activity by 70% (enough). Increased to 76 % (good) in cycle II. The results of teacher activity in the first cycle were 66% (sufficient), increased to 77% (good) in cycle II.</p> 2022-07-04T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Antonius Broto Wahyono, A Rasul, Densemina Y Wadaron